You Make The Call: Have Employees Experienced Mental Health Challenges From The Pandemic?

Twenty-nine percent of employees say that the pandemic caused them to become depressed, a recent survey of 5,000 employees conducted by Gartner found.

In addition, 49 percent of employees who work for an organization that provides a mental health program said they used the service during the pandemic.

Gartner also surveyed 50 human resources leaders and found that 64 percent of employers started offering new well-being employee programs during the pandemic and 34 percent expanded their offerings.

In addition, 26 percent of employers gave workers paid time off for childcare and 21 percent provided paid time off for eldercare.

During the pandemic, leaders learned that they must deal with both the physical and mental health of their employees and address new stressors that emerged. As the VP for Gartner HR said, "In the height of the pandemic, we saw organizations dealing with massive budget cuts, furloughs, layoffs and salary reductions. Yet, organizations recognized there was a significant amount of money that needed to go into well-being offerings." N.F. Mendoza "Gartner: 29% of employees describe themselves as depressed due to the pandemic" (Mar. 15, 2021).

So, the question for our readers is:

Have employees experienced mental health challenges from the pandemic?

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Jack McCalmon, Esq.

As an employer, I am unable access their records. Nor should I inquire about their mental health…so I am not sure. I am not a doctor or a psychiatrist and therefore ill-equipped to comment or speculate. I will leave that to anonymous surveys like the above. What I can focus on is providing resources for employees so they can access the help they need.

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